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Billy McKee Found Guilty

Billy McKee Found Guilty

The cops called it Operation Relief – targeting Billy McKee for helping sick people who need cannabis. An undercover slimeball who’s name has been removed due to a complaint under the privacy act, so we’ll call him Officer “Fuck-you”* contacted Billy through the Green Cross website. He pretended to suffer from severe migraines. Billy had a family member who had severe migraines and eventually died from a brain tumor – so he was genuinely concerned about Officer “Fuck-you”* and wanted to help him.

As a result of trying to provide help to someone he believed to be a genuine medical cannabis user, Billy was convicted of supplying and cultivating cannabis – another injustice of prohibition to add to a list that is already far too long.

Day 1:

Supporters gather in front of Palmerston North courthouse at 9am. People have come from Auckland, Hawkes Bay, Waihi, Ohura, Wellington and Golden Bay, joined by a few locals – about 20 people altogether. It is raining and cold.

The parking system in the centre of town takes some getting used to. There are sensors in the pavement that activate as soon as a car drives into a parking space. You get 5 minutes grace to find change to feed the meter. You get a maximum 2 hours parking, then you have to move – pull out, count to 10, pull back in, feed meter again, repeat as often as necessary.

Going to court always involves lots of waiting around. The jury was selected by 1pm, then court adjourned until 2.15. So we hung around the courthouse, holding signs and engaging in some daktivist civil disobedience.

Marnz and Rob did a wonderful job keeping a steady supply of coffee and hot chocolate on the go, under difficult circumstances. It was greatly appreciated.

Doug McLeod provided some light entertainment, calling out “Cannabis for sale! Hashish for sale!” at regular intervals, especially whenever cops appeared. The cops ignored him, but a prosecutor complained about this and the joints to court staff, who in turn complained to Steve Wilkinson, because he was wearing a suit. This achieved nothing apart from making the prosecutor look like an idiot.

2.15pm – everybody goes back to the courtroom. At 2.25 Judge Barbara Morris appears and says a verdict is expected in another trial any minute – this is the trial that was supposed to finish the week before. Court adjourned till 3.30, hanging about resumes.

3.30pm – the trial starts at last, with a long spiel from the judge to the jury about what they are supposed to do. Then it was the turn of prosecutor Andrea Read, a blonde bitch who looked and sounded like she could have been a Nazi concentration camp guard in a past life.

When she is finished, all us spectators are kicked out so XXXXXX and his “controller”, detective sergeantXXXXXX, can give their testimony in secret. More hanging around outside court, more joints go around.

Day 2:

A bitterly cold day with strong winds and intermittent rain. There are windfarms on the hills outside town and no wonder – the place is a wind tunnel. Nobody could stay outside the court very long in those conditions.

More secret testimony and adjournments. In the afternoon constable Brendan O’Brien testified, taking a long time to answer some of the questions.

At this stage we had been moved to courtroom 1, which has glass barriers in front of the public gallery, making it hard to hear. Lurking around the courtroom was Richard Morse, the detective in charge of Operation Relief – another shaven headed cop scumbag. What is it with cops shaving their heads? Do they think it makes them look tough?

Day 3:

The rain has stopped, the wind is still blowing, and there is enough sun out for Doug to spark up one of his solar cones.

Time for closing statements. Prosecutor bitch says: “This trial is not about reforming the cannabis laws. This is about abiding by the laws. It is not about an individual’s perception of right and wrong.” – and more along those lines.

Then it is Billy’s turn. He started to talk about how other people had access to the space where plants were found, but the judge would not allow this as it had not already been admitted as evidence.

Billy showed the jury bottles of hemp seed oil and talked about the hit and run that caused him to lose his leg. He discussed the PTSD he has suffered since then and the negative side effects of pharmaceutical medicines he had been prescribed – in contrast to cannabis, which has helped him cope.

He had time to refer to evidence based studies which have recommended law reform, his activities with Green Cross, and the personal cost to him of being prosecuted, before the judge cut him off.

“Your job is to apply the law as it stands,” Judge Morris told the jury. She also pointed out that entrapment is not a defense – a flaw in the law which allows cops to set people up like they did to Billy.

As the jury retired, Billy called out, “A not guilty verdict can change the law.”

It didn’t help. The jury came back within 2 hours with their verdict: guilty on all 5 charges. Useless bastards.

Billy’s sentencing will be on October 30 in Palmerston North. Plans are being made for an all night vigil at the court the night before sentencing. Further details will be posted here.

Some names in this article have been blanked out in accordance with Privacy Act 1993 Section 6


Do you talk to yourself out loud? (or even in a whisper?)

One in three Brits can’t be bothered growing up

Today’s Peter Pan generation are turning their backs on “adulthood milestones” like marriage and starting a family, with more than a quarter admitting they lack the basic skills to live on their own.

Research released by life insurance expert showed 32% of Britons aged 25-39 are still living at home with their parents. Nearly two thirds (63%) turn their backs on marriage with nearly the same proportion (60%) delaying starting a family.

Nearly one in four (24%) who are still living at home said the main reason is because they get meals cooked for them (8%), and nearly one in 10 (9%) say it is because someone else cleans up after them.

The figures, based on people in the UK between the age of 18 and 39, found most of these stay-at-home sons and daughters are not ready to move out – or move on – with over a quarter (27%) of adults admitting they lack the basic skills to live on their own.

One in three (32%) do not even do their own washing – men are the worst offenders with nearly half (47%) of men below 40 leaving their washing to their partners, parents or housemates.

Women are slightly better, but more than a fifth (21%) still rely on others to clean up after them.

And a third of Brits between the ages of 18 and 39 change their bed sheets once a month or less, while 34% rarely or never cook for themselves.

The research, conducted by OnePoll for in August, surveyed 2,000 respondents between 18 and 39.

It also found almost half (49%) of Britain’s “Peter Pan generation” is in debt of more than £9,000 (excluding mortgages).

Almost a fifth (19%) of 18-39-year-olds also adopt a carefree attitude to their finances, regularly spending between £50-£150 each week – £5,000 a year – on keeping themselves entertained, while 25% admitted they were too busy living for today to think about the money they will need to pay back tomorrow.

The research found Britons throw caution to the wind when it comes to providing cover for the future with two thirds (67%) of respondents yet to purchase life insurance and more than half of 25-32-year-olds not having started a pension plan either.

Matt Lloyd, head of life insurance at, said: “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being young at heart, but living for today doesn’t mean you have to totally ignore tomorrow.

“What we recommend to people in their 20s is to start thinking now to see what they could be doing to make proper provisions for the future.

“Starting a savings account, a pension plan and putting in place life insurance are just some of the basics that can make a big difference to people’s financial security and they’re really not as complicated as people think.

“When you take out your life insurance policy you are locked into that price throughout the term, so it’s beneficial to take out a policy when you are younger as it could save you thousands of pounds in the long term.”


GLOBAL NOISE – LONDON – 2-5pm Saturday 13 October – #Globalnoise at the London Stock Exchange

Occupy London

The first anniversary of Occupy going global falls this Monday, 15 October. On that day last year, demonstrations and occupations took place in more than 950 cities around the world.

In the heart of the City of London, a tented village was pitched outside St Paul’s Cathedral, near the intended target – the London Stock Exchange – which forced a conversation about social and economic inequalities in the UK and beyond.

“One year on, the impact of Occupy has rippled across society, and the initiatives that sprung from the energy of those St Paul’s days is multiplying,” commented Laura Taylor, Occupy London supporter. “The range and variety of events taking place over our first anniversary is testament to the strength and breadth of a people’s movement for change at a local, national and global scale.”

2-5pm Saturday 13 October – #Globalnoise at the London Stock Exchange

Celebrating the first anniversary of Occupy in London. Gather outside the London Stock Exchange from 2pm – 5pm, bringing music, food, games, colourful banners … and pots and pans! Facebook event –

Occupy London will be joining people all over the world for #GlobalNoise, a global day of protest to highlight the fact that people are still here, one year on, united and more determined than ever. Expect great guests including: Nick Dearden (Jubilee Debt Campaign); Samar Barakat from Friern Barnet library and students from the Quebec student movement. Moving from the Stock Exchange to a secret location, #GlobalNoise will mark the start of a week of protest leading up to the TUC march on 20 October. More information at Events on the day can be followed at

3.15pm Sunday 14 October – Occupy ‘Evensong’ event at St Paul’s Cathedral

Occupy supporters are invited to join St Paul’s Cathedral’s Evensong a year to the day on the eve of the Occupy London anniversary. There will be a reading of an Occupy Prayer during the service, which was written by occupiers and is in recognition of the start of the Occupy London movement outside St Paul’s Cathedral in 2011.

Monday 15 October – The Little Book Of Ideas

On the actual anniversary, Occupy London will launch its first book – The Little Book of Ideas – that demystifies the language associated with the banking crisis and offering alternative economic models. More information coming very soon!

Saturday 20 October – Occupy London at the March for the Alternative

Occupy London will be supporting the TUC’s ‘March for the Alternative’. Events on the day can be followed at Expect surprises!

29 October – Bank of England’s Andy Haldane speaks at Occupy Economics’ “Socially Useful Banking” event

Occupy Economics will host the Bank of England’s Executive Director of Financial Stability, Andy Haldane, for a panel discussion. Haldane has been at the forefront of international debate on the future of banking and financial regulation, and how it could serve the public good. Also participating are TUC senior economist Duncan Weldon and Dominic Lindley, Head of  Financial Services Policy for Which?, with the event chaired by Lisa Pollack, FT Alphaville. More information at

27 October – 11 November – The New Putney Debates

Occupy London will be celebrating the 365th anniversary of the Putney Debates by creating a series of events inspired by the Levellers’ and Diggers’ demands for social justice, civil rights and equal access to the land. Contributors include Richard Wilkinson (The Spirit Level), Natalie Bennett (new Leader of the Green Party), Michael Mansfield QC, George Monbiot, Polly Higgins, Jeremy Leggett, John McDonnell MP, Halina Ward and Professor Conor Gearty. More information at

Other Occupy projects

Occupy in London is also involved in ongoing projects including:

Friern Barnet Library 

Occupy activists occupied Friern Barnet Library in September 2012, re-opening it for the community, receiving the blessing of many residents who are delighted to see the doors of the library open once again. Barnet Council previously closed the library in April 2011 due to ‘budget cuts’ with plans afoot to sell it off. This is a library which has proven to be a vital hub for the community since 1934 – providing everything from personal finance advice and pilates classes to computer access. The community is demanding the Tory council fulfils its remit to provide public services and increase the involvement of community groups in all services. More information at

Diggers 2012

Following in the footsteps of their 17th-Century counterparts, the 2012 Diggers have established an eco-village in Runnymede to cultivate land for the common people. Taking inspiration from their predecessors, the 2012 Diggers have used derelict woodland due for development by a private developer. Originally owned by Brunel University, development of the Runnymede Campus, sold to ‘Orchid Runnymede’, has stalled. Whilst the site remains in a state of disuse, the Diggers will continue living in a way that is environmentally sustainable.

The Runnymede Estate – National Trust land adjacent to the eco-village – is home to the Magna Carta monument, the site where King John is said to have sealed the Magna Carta in 1215 and is heralded as the birthplace of modern democracy. More information

Save Leyton Marsh

Earlier this year local campaigners and a group from Occupy came together to help save Leyton Marsh in East London from destructive Olympic ‘legacy development’. Consequently they staged weekly protests against the construction site taking over the marsh. The response from the ODA and the LVRPA was not to engage, but to take out two injunctions, one against the Occupy camp and one against the stopping of lorries. Three people were sent to prison for attempting to peacefully stop lorries entering our marsh. Since then the structure has been taken down, but has potentially led to the pollution and contamination of common land.

From 1pm on 21 October, the Leyton community will be celebrating the return of its marsh and all are invited to join. More information

Remember this? – U.K.: Landmark Case Could Stymie Legal System – Queen not valid monarch




Today, Schapelle begins her NINTH year of torment, for a crime which her own government know she is innocent of. They have known since 2005.


Today, Schapelle begins her NINTH year of torment, for a crime which her own government know she is innocent of. They have known since 2005.

These are just some of the proven truths which the corrupt and criminal are terrified of being exposed. They are cast iron facts which the callous and the cowardly are desperate to hide, and which the Australian establishment and media censor from the people: 

1. Schapelle Corby’s boogie-board bag was the only one not scanned at Sydney Airport: it was diverted past the scanner by baggage staff. Customs Minister Ellison withheld this vital information, even when Schapelle Corby’s lawyer asked directly about scanning. [Transit Report]

2. This information was also hidden from Parliament, when direct questions were asked, and critically, it was withheld from the Bali court. John Howard, and his friend, Head of Sydney Airport Corporation Ltd, Max Moore-Wilton, also kept quiet about it, when they both knew. [Transit Report]

3. The AFP never investigated the reason for this missing screening data, and AFP Commissioner Keelty, who also knew, never commented upon it. [Transit Report]

4. Schapelle Corby’s bags were subsequently found to be 5kg overweight on the Qantas system, when she had checked her bags in, underweight, without any excess charge ($175). [Transit Report]

5. Again, neither Schapelle Corby, nor the Bali court, were ever provided with this critical information. [Supplementary Report]

6. Two weeks before the verdict, AFP Commissioner Keelty told the media that there was no evidence of airport drug syndicates using innocent passengers, when this was clearly, demonstrably, and utterly, false. The AFP had held the Kessing Reports for months, and it withheld a host of other vital support evidence, which proved the long term and systemic nature of such syndication at Sydney Airport. [Transit Report]

7. The AFP and DFAT demonstrably evaded the forensic and DNA tests which Schapelle Corby begged for. [Mutual Evasion Report]

8. The AFP also told Parliament that it couldn’t perform marijuana pollen tests, when it could, and indeed, had originally offered to perform them for the INP. It also refused the services of a forensics expert, who had volunteered to perform them. [Mutual Evasion Report]

9. Ellison subsequently told a clearly false story about marijuana testing, in a letter to a constituent. [Mutual Evasion Report]

10. DFAT did not invoke the MACMA treaty to obtain the sample of marijuana which Schapelle Corby begged them for, when it could have done so within the provisions of the treaty itself. [Mutual Evasion Report]

11. The AFP and Qantas provided wholly contradictory stories about the missing CCTV footage, which Schapelle Corby pleaded for. [Transit Report]

12. Foreign Minister Downer, and Prime Minister Howard, publicly endorsed the original Bali trial, when they were well aware of the multitude of legal and human rights abuses committed throughout. [Bali Trial Report]

13. Ellison publicly endorsed the burning of the evidence, when Schapelle Corby pleaded for it to be preserved. [Mutual Evasion Report]

14. DFAT have, de facto, endorsed and suppressed the ongoing documented abuses of a mentally ill Australian citizen for eight years. [Health Report]

15. ACLEI, when forced to examine the AFP’s role in the affair, was directly and demonstrably complicit with an AFP officer, in producing a report which was an utter embarrassment to all parties. A functionary, who was at the heart of the Howard regime when the AFP abuses occurred, was allowed to rubber stamp ACLEI’s complicit rubber stamp. [Whitewash Report]

16. The government forced an Australian QC, Mark Trowell, on to Schapelle Corby. He then decimated her appeal by attacking her defence team to the media. When he subsequently admitted that he was working for the government, and not for Schapelle Corby, the government hid, refusing to comment. The precise role of Justice & Customs Minister Ellison, Trowell’s long term friend, in this affair, has never been explained. [Insider Report]

17. Downer and Howard publicly called a standard flour hoax a “biological agent” and a “murderous attack”, when there was no evidence whatsoever to suggest that it wasn’t flour. Neither of them said that the note included with the flour didn’t even mention Schapelle Corby, and was even written in Bahasa, when they promptly blamed it on her supporters [PowderGate Report]

18. Ellison did not alert the parties necessary to prevent the false (but support-wrecking) story from circulating around the world, when he was informed of the benign nature of the flour, by email, at 6:35pm on the same day [PowderGate Report]

19. The government seized Schapelle Corby’s book royalties, when she was still in legal process in Indonesia, when it knew that this would signal ‘guilt’ to Jakarta. It brought the Australian judiciary itself into disrepute, by illegally extending its jurisdiction outside Australia, and holding secret trials, at which Schapelle Corby was not even represented [Political Seizure Report]

20. The government thus denied her the funds for another appeal, and for medicine, even though it was well aware of the nature of the Bali trial, and of the vital primary evidence which it had, itself, wilfully withheld [Political Seizure Report]

21. The dozens of breaches of the Freedom of Information Act, with respect to requests made on behalf of Schapelle Corby, for information held on herself, remain totally un-addressed [FOI Abuse Report]

22. The AFP suppressed a secret recording of two known criminals discussing the collection of marijuana from Sydney Airport on the same day that Schapelle Corby flew to Bali [Candidate Sources Report] 

23. The Commonwealth Ombudsman has supported the government with respect to every complaint ever lodged relating to Schapelle Corby. The same applies to every other quango presented as a watchdog to the public. [Quango Report]

24. Serious broadcasting media abuses, including criminal matters, which were submitted to the government in 2011, were excluded from the Finkelstein media inquiry. Compelling evidence of political interference with respect to the ABC, and evidential proof of subsequent editorial and reporting abuses, continue to be ignored. [Media Reports]

25. The current Attorney-General has refused to accept a formal Crime Report, including a 450 page evidential Addendum, which documents serious breaches of the law by politicians and the AFP [Crime Report].

Truth is Schapelle’s best friend. Let’s take these truths to the world, shouting from every rooftop until Schapelle is free. There must not be a tenth year.